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Question:Why Should I Have Life Insurance?
Answer: Canadians purchase life insurance for a variety of reasons. They include paying off final expense, paying off mortgages or other debt, providing for children’s education, and providing an income to their families after they are gone.

Question:How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?
Answer: Life insurance rates depend on a number of factors including age, health and smoking status. Rates can be as low as $10 a month but it really depends on the individual and type of insurance. To receive a personalized quote, please fill out our online form.

Question:Who should I name as my beneficiary?
Answer: Most people name a loved one such as a spouse or their children, however you may also name a charity or business partner. You should look into any possible ramifications of such an inheritance before naming someone on any type of government assistance such as ODSP as it may negatively affect their payments.

Question:How much life insurance do I need?
Answer: How much life insurance you need depends largely on your unique situation including: whether you have a family to support; whether you have a mortgage or other debts and what the tax implications will be on your estate after you die. Generally speaking, most experts agree that you should have five to ten times your annual income.

Question:How can your service help me?
Answer: Our insurance professionals will compare insurance rates from all the major Canadian insurance companies and help you determine the type and amount of insurance that is most suitable for you. To get your free, no obligation quote, fill out our online form.

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